If you have any questions that are not answered below, or if you would rather discuss your requirements, please contact us.

General FAQs

Can I change my carer?

Yes. We recognise that your carer is somebody with whom you can form a special friendship, and for this reason we take great care in selecting a staff member with whom you feel completely comfortable.
This is only done with your full consent, and you are free to ask for a change in carer at any time if you so desire it.

How do I know the carer coming to my home works for Crescent Homecare?

When our staff attend your home they will always be wearing a Uniform, which will be Navy Blue together with an appropriate Identification Badge with photograph so that they are easily identifiable to you. They will knock and not try to gain entry without your permission.

What happens if my carer is not able to visit me?

If at any time your carer is unable to attend we will always endeavour to telephone you with the name of the replacement carer.

How to Contact the Regulatory Authorities

Crescent Homecare is regulated by both Durham County Council/NHS and the Care Quality Commission:

Durham County Council & NHS County Durham CCG


Care Quality Commission
03000 616161 / enquiries@cqc.org.uk


What are the costs for a carer?

Our fee schedule is as follows:

  • £17.49 per hour
  • £8.75 per ½ hour

Items not included in the fees, and which will attract additional charges will include: Carers escorting you in their own car which will be charged at 45p per mile travelled.

How are fees paid?

All fees are payable: every four weeks, and can be paid by cheque or bank transfer, please speak to us for details of our bank transfer method.